Bamboozling Plastics: Bamboo Alternatives to Curb Plastic Waste

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Addressing plastic waste is crucial. This ubiquitous material becomes an unsightly debris wherever we go, be it on land or sea. And it's no ordinary eye sore either. Plastic toxins contaminate our ground water and oceanic food supply. These contaminated resources could eventually end up in our system, endangering our health.
In our crusade for caring for our own welfare and the environment's, trying to find alternatives to lessen our dependency on single-use plastic is a top priority. We all understand this, but can something really replace plastic's cheap production costs, durability, and versatility?
The answer is, yes! There are several products out there that have the potential to replace single-use plastics. Among them, bamboo products are on the A-list.

Why Bamboo?

What makes bamboo so good is it has all the property we value in plastics, with the extra go-green benefits.

Bamboo, a type of grass, is found in abundance in places where it grows. It is highly sustainable as it
quickly matures in a couple of months or so under ideal conditions.

Durability-wise, bamboo products are top-tier. Bamboo has antifungal and antibacterial properties, helping it last longer. As disposable cutleries, bamboo's durability, lightness, and flexibility are even better than disposable plasticwares. But, unlike plastic cutleries, bamboo completely decomposes in around three months.

Bamboo, much like plastic, is also highly versatile. Other than being a construction material, it can be processed to make eco-bamboo bags, garments, kitchenware, and even bicycles, among other things.

Bamboo Products

Now that we have seen the green gold that is bamboo in a better light, what bamboo products should we get first?

You can start with your toothbrush. Ideally, a toothbrush must be replaced every three months. Plastic ones, when thrown away, simply sit in the landfill. Bamboo toothbrushes, however, biodegrade easily. Also, wouldn't it be better to use something natural when cleaning your mouth?

We can also do without plastic bottles. Here in the US, it takes around 17 million barrels of oil to produce the plastic bottles for our consumption of bottled water. As such, give bamboo bottles a go instead. Bamboo is a natural water holder. And, not only is it light and stylish, but it is also better for you and the environment.

Another thing you can try is bamboo fabric. Garments made from polyester (plastic) promotes bacterial growth, which can make you smell bad. Bamboo fabric, on the other hand, has innate antimicrobial and antifungal properties, making you fresher for longer.

Overall, bamboo helps the environment in so many ways. Even after it has been processed, and once its purpose has been served, you will be throwing it away without any guilt, knowing it easily decomposes without releasing any harmful toxins to the environment.

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