Tom Wood Subaru is proud to partner with the Humane Society of Indianapolis for the Second Annual Puppy Bowl! Subaru cars and SUVs are Dog Tested. Dog Approved, so what better way to return the love than sponsoring a fun event that will let these dogs shine?

We've got two teams of pups ready to rumble on our special custom-made Puppy Bowl field, and the best part is that they'll all be up for adoption at IndyHumane in the coming week! Making the event even more special is the fabulous kitty halftime show featuring the Red Hot Kitty Peppers (they've already been adopted, but IndyHumane has many available kittens), local improv favorites ComedySportz on commentary,  and IndyHumane's own Rooster the cockatiel belting out the pre-game National Anthem!

The Tom Wood Subaru / IndyHumane Puppy Bowl II will be shown on the Comcast Access Channel from January 30 through February 2, and after that will be available on Comcast On-Demand. We hope you enjoy the Second Annual Puppy Bowl, and check back frequently to see which participants get adopted!



Drummer Armani also returns for this special reunion performance at the "Puppy Bowl Halftime Show." It's great to see the band back together again! As a founding member of the group, Armani was inducted into the Kitty Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012. He's also been a drummer for "Kitty Jam" and the "Catnip Flowers." Young kittens and seasoned band members like Armani are a lot more work than adult cats, so please be prepared to spend lots of time with him. Keep in mind he needs to get all that musical energy out with playtime... and cuddle sometimes, too.

Red Hot Kitty Peppers


Guitarist, singer, and songwriter Manny returns for this special reunion performance. He was formerly guitarist of the Red Hot Kitty Peppers until Squeaks took over. Now, Manny has launched an active solo career. His most recent albums have explored experimental rock and ambient music, which he says he suddenly felt a connection to following some play sessions with catnip toys. He claims these toys helped him reach his own personal musical nirvana.


This band is ready to rock the "Puppy Bowl Halftime Show," and Sprinkle is ready to meow her heart out on lead vocals. With her super loud purr, she's a natural at leading the Red Hot Kitty Peppers. With her multiple vocal styles: loud meow, soft meow, mew, and purr; Sprinkle really is a natural and is able to cross genres easily. As the group has matured over the years, we've even seen Sprinkle do some kitty rapping, developed through ongoing coaching. A truly versatile kitten! She's sure to be a diva and want you to buy her lots of scratching posts, nail trimmers, and toys.


Guitarist Squeaks first worked as a sideman for the Red Hot Kitty Peppers before joining the band as guitarist. Some say he was just looking for some good friends to curl up with, and his musical devotion has been questioned at times, especially since he has been seen napping in sunny spots way more often than the rest of the band. But, his prowess and skills on the guitar can't be questioned!


A drummer really does hold the band together, and Yulee has a superb sense of rhythm. He bops his kitty siblings on the head with his paw constantly to purr-fect his rhythm! Yulee has been part of the group the longest so this isn't his first time performing at a large event like this. In fact, he was instrumental in choosing the name of the group's 1989 album - "Mother's Milk." It's been rumored he missed his mother since he ended up at the local shelter quite young. He's definitely one to snuggle and has been known to look for cuddle buddies after the band's shows!

 Puppy Participants!


Age: 2 months   
Breed: Retriever mix

Color:Dark chocolate       Weighing in: 9.94lbs
Starting Position: WR

A true Retriever at heart, Beardsly will fetch anything you throw at him! This wide receiver will catch all kinds of toys - and even the occasional table scrap. Weighing in at 9.94 pounds - it seems table scraps are what he catches most often.


Age: 2 months            Breed: Retriever mix
Color: Black and tan        Weighing in: 7.81lbs
Starting Position:      Fullback
Storming the field and bowling over everyone in her path? Bedleiah says no problem! Charging out of the gate and right into your heart is what Bedleiah does best, and she's sure to be a first-round pick in her adoption debut!



Age:4 months      
Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier mix
Color: Brindle             Weighing in: 21.8lbs
Starting Position:      Outside Linebacker

The second half brings out the heavyweights, and leading the charge is Bellosum! This high-energy girl is ready to play without a timeout and keep the other team on their toes.

Age: 2 months            Breed: Retriever mix
Color:Toffee brown           Weighing in: 7.00lbs
Starting Position:      Strong Safety

Drafted by IndyHumane straight out of puppy school, Beulah and her teammates have been making big moves since training camp started in their foster home. Keeping an eye on the backfield, Beulah is stopping big playmakers right in their tracks and attracting big attention from pro league adopters.


Age: 2 months           Breed: Boxer mix
Color: Caramel/white       Weighing in: 8.31lbs
Starting Position: Right Tackle

Making his way to the big time is Espresso! His hair-raising, energetic play style makes him a great roster decision for any period of the game. Since being lifted from the unregulated underground leagues very early in life, Espresso has been melting hearts and earning his stripes with the IndyHumane team.  


Age: 2 months            Breed: Boxer mix
Color: Irish coffee       
Weighing in: 6.75lbs

Starting Position: TE

Smooth and sweet, Latte is a heartthrob of a pooch who is quickly rising to fame in the big leagues. Since being transferred to IndyHumane from the downtown league, Latte has been making big plays and keeping the bench motivated in those clutch moments.



Age: 2 months         Breed: Boxer mix
Color: Oreo cookie           Weighing in: 9.50lbs
Starting Position: QB


Standing tall over the field and looking for the target down field is Macchiato! He's got the moves and the panache to keep you watching him play after play, and he's been making big passes up the field this season. Watch for this high-scoring rookie to make the jump to the big leagues very soon! 


Age: 2 months           Breed: Boxer mix
Color: Nougat               Weighing in: 7.31lbs
Starting Position: DE

Hide yo quarterback, hide yo running back, Mocha is on the field and hasn't been held by the line once this season. This no-nonsense player is all about winning the game and following things up with some post-game cuddles.


  Pink Princess

Age: 4 months            Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier mix
Color: Double
Weighing in: 30.00lbs

Starting Position:    Fullback

When the ball is in play, Pink Princess is always looking for the ball! This adorable bundle of energy was transferred from the junior league early in the season and is ready to take the hand-off or pass and GO!


Age: 2 months           Breed: Boxer mix
Color: Black pearl
Weighing in: 8.19lbs
Starting Position: Center

Who's the big guy up front? It's Cappuccino! This rising star with the adorable white goatee has been stepping up to keep the QB safe all season, and he has BIG dreams of making the BIG leagues some day!