Why buy from Tom Wood?   We upgraded our location to a two story LEED Certified dealership that was built to further support Subaru's mission to build high quality vehicles that are also kind to the environment. Tom Wood Subaru is proud to be the first LEED Certified dealership in the state of Indiana. Take a virtual tour below and read more about our environmentally friendly building here.

Tom Wood Subaru is following in the footsteps of our Manufacturer by insuring that every reasonable method for our construction was environmentally friendly. Some of the ways we did reduce and are continuing to reduce our footprint are:
  • Recycling / Salvaging - demolished the old "White" building and the construction waste was recycled wherever possible, including 100% of the old parking lot and close to 90% of the old building
  • White Roofing Materials - Reduction of heat island effect
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle Charging stations powered by on site photovoltaic solar arrays
  • Site Selection - developing on a previously developed site rather than a green field
  • Implementation of Subaru Eco-Friendy Dealer Program - the day-to-day operation of the facility and attention to recycling, use of environmentally friendly janitorial products, and office supplies
  • Improvement of indoor environmental quality - through the introduction of filtered outside air into all spaces, use of low emitting materials for adhesives, sealants, paints, flooring, day-lighting and views outside
  • Reduced energy usage through the design of the building envelope - insulated at least 50% above the requirements of the energy code, usage of high performance insulated low-e glass, and white reflective roof
  • Reduced electrical usage - through the implementation of all LED lighting (indoors and parking lot), day-lighting from skylights, occupancy sensors, digital building systems controls
  • Highly efficient mechanical systems - through the implementation of energy recovery systems, occupancy sensors, individually controlled HVAC zones, digital building systems controls, highly efficient equipment
  • Use of regional sources for building materials - such as stone and concrete
  • Use of recycled content in building materials - steel, curtain wall and glass relocated from the old Palmer building, and countertops made from recycled glass
  • On-site renewable energy production - from photovoltaic solar arrays
  • Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting - to reduce potable water usage and storm water discharge off site. All non-potable (car wash, toilets, outside water spigots)
  • Alternative Transportation Encouraged - through construction of the start of a bike path on 96th Street, bike racks and indoor changing rooms for employee and customer use
  • Xeriscaping - Water efficient landscaping with native Indiana plants and trees
  • Car Wash- reuses and recycles the water

Tom Wood Subaru Dealership Tour

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